white enterprise

WHITE ENTERPRISE Holding has become a leading trend setter in the hospitality industry during 18 years of its development.

WHITE ENTERPRISE designs, builds and operates a modern establishment, in complete denial about the clichéd thinking and trivial approach. Professional team of the leading countries of the world (Switzerland, United Kingdom and Russia) works toward creating top sellers of the market exercising qualified knowledge, ingenuity of perception and bold challenge of trends.

To date the holding company presents successful projects in the HoReCa segment of the market and among them are: LA BELLE restaurant&terrace, The Macallan Terrace, LAПША bar&wok, ЗАПРАVКА gastrobar, Cafe СЛИВКИ homemade cuisine, METIS once upon a flavour, LAПША chinatown и LAПША tokyo.

Gaining the enduring reputation and popularity of the restaurant projects, the company continues its dynamic development in the construction industry by opening WHITE INTERIOR showroom with an assortment of goods with no parallel on Kazakhstan’s market, EMPEROR retail and BUTLER carwash.

WHITE RECORDS and WHITE SHISHA are the integral and important part of the company’s success meant for promoting the impeccable product of catering industry.