WHITE INTERIOR show room is a selection of PORCELA'BOBO ultra-thin tiles by celebrated designers, a series of ceiling and wall lighting and a collection of ceramic bathroom fittings from global producers created taking into account the latest technology and modern trends, a collection of sanitary ware products from global producers with a wide range of specifications and performance, modern design and high aesthetic component.

PORCELA`BOBO ultra-thin tiles are a revolutionary alternative to traditional finishing materials. PORCELA`BOBO products are not only of high quality and long service life, but they also demonstrate a new technology and a completely new material, which has already received its definition as new skin of architecture.

PORCELA`BOBO ultra-thin tiles 1200 x 600 x 4.8 mm weigh only one-third as compared with the weight of the traditional porcelain and that substantially reduces transportation costs, boosts efficiency of finishing works and leads to a significant reduction in terms of objects’ ready time. Water absorption low level, abrasion resistance, excellent performance and heat and frost resistance provide a high quality paving and maintenance.

WHITE INTERIOR show room is an official representative and retailer of PORCELA’BOBO ceramics in Kazakhstan.